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Refashion Challenge Reveal

Our mother/ daughter refashion challenge is partly finished! Here is my big reveal…

First, you may recall that Lydia sent me very large burnt orange pants and a cute sundress:



I made the pants into a skirt. It’s tricky laying pattern pieces on the limited fabric of pants because you have to avoid the pockets and seams. So I added fabric from the dress to compensate.


Then from the dress I made a top with an overlay to make the dress more practical and comfortable for work.


Here’s some pics of the process:


This pattern was my inspiration for the top.



The full effect:







I wore a black tank top underneath since it was a little chilly that day.

And now… it’s back to you, Lyd!! What will you do with those 2 maxies?

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Refashion Challenge – The Before (Gail)

Two Nests One Tree

Lydia and I are doing a mother/ daughter refashion challenge. If you have been following us you know that I sent her 2 thrifted items (total cost: $10), that she received in the mail and it’s up to her to create something new for herself out of them.

Then Lyddie gave me 2 thrifted items and I was to do the same. Here are the items she sent me:


Yeah. Thanks, Lyd! The burnt orange pants are huge, the sun dress is not my style and shows a little too much skin for my comfort zone. But the colors match and I think my creative juices are flowing!  Stay tuned for the reveal! Coming up later this week!

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Fun Window Treatment

Does your bathroom need an update? Mine did. My blinds were dirty, my valence full of cobwebs and bathroom mold. Time for a spring cleaning.

This is my update. Next I’ll show you how I did it.


First, I started with an old piece of molding that was sitting around. I bought twisted paper from a craft store and untwisted it. Then I wrapped it around the molding.


Next I used purchased Spanish moss to hot glue onto the paper.


The last step is the fun part. I hot glued ribbon, and shells, and old timepieces.

When I’ve done this before I’ve used silk flowers and really anything that suits your fancy.  The last thing to do is to attach metal hooks so that the molding will fit over your curtain rod.



Here is my result:




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Dinner Party Idea- Chopped Competition

Have you seen the cooking show Chopped? Four chefs are given mystery ingredients and have to create meals with them. One person is eliminated after each round. The winner takes home $10,000. We have taken the basic idea and turned it into a fun evening for family and guests. You may have seen an earlier blog post describing how we did it with our family, when our adult children were home for Christmas. Well, this time we did it as a dinner party with guests.


When I called my guests to extend the invitation I asked if they would bring a mystery ingredient.  I asked one couple to bring something  unusual from the produce dept. of our local grocery. Another couple was to bring something unusual from the dairy dept. and the third couple was to bring an odd flavor of soda. I provided the meat.

My husband and son were the chefs. They were surprised to see beef cutlets, parsnips, plain yogurt and goat cheese, and two different sodas – one was cherry tarragon,and the other was guarana. I told them they had to use all of these ingredients (but only one of the sodas – their choice), and they could use whatever else was available to them in our fridge and pantry. They had one hour to cook us an entree.

What do I make with this??

The guys scrambled around the kitchen. It was quite entertaining! The guests loved watching, and added to the fun with their friendly banter.


One hour was a good amount of time. We’re just not as fast as the experienced chefs on the actual cooking show who only get 30 minutes. But an hour is enough time to sip some wine and visit while dinner is prepared.


Then it was time to plate the food. Each guest got 2 entrees.


This was Steve’s entree – braised pepper steak with mock scallop potatoes au gratin with sauteed beans and parsnips.
And Ben’s entree was stuffed beef roulade with cherry-tarragon-yogurt sauce, served with julienned beans and parsnips and buttered new potatoes.

The fun part, of course, was eating together and chatting over what we might have done differently and how delicious it all was. Then we rated each entree 1 to 5 (1 being terrible and 5 being excellent) in 3 categories: taste, presentation, and creative use of ingredients. Scores were calculated and the winner announced. Ben was the chopped champion.

Everyone raved over how much fun it all was! I served chocolate cake for dessert, as we weren’t about to wait around another hour for a dessert round! All in all, it was a nice evening with friends and family. I highly recommend trying it. Let me know your result!




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Sewing for Baby – Pattern Review of

Being a new grandma gives me a great excuse to make baby clothes! I decided to try the free patterns on The first one was their pants:


You can find the pattern here. It was a very straightforward pants pattern. There is a video tutorial on their webpage and step by step directions. The pattern, of course, is one that you print on your computer and then have to tape together the pages. But being a small pair of pants, there weren’t many pages.


I’d give the pants’ pattern 5 stars for being very simple and easy to make as well as excellent directions. It’s versatile and can be used for different sizes.

Next, I made a T-shirt for my baby Deacon:


This too was a free pattern from You can get the pattern here.


This too went together quickly. Directions on their site are clear. Again, another 5 stars. It is tricky sewing with jersey fabric so I used a needle for jersey as well as a twin needle at the end for a nice finish on the hems.

I couldn’t stop there. I had to make matching booties:


Now these booties were difficult. They are made with suede soles to give them a little sturdiness. I used a free pattern from You can get the pattern and step by step tutorial here.

Now while it came out beautiful I have a couple of complaints- the directions on this pattern are not accurate. Step 5 tells you to put the pieces “wrong sides together” before you sew. This is incorrect. You should put the pieces “right sides together” so that you are sewing on the wrong side and can turn it inside out to iron. My other complaint is that the finished product has the seam on the inside of the shoe and because there are so many layers the seam could be uncomfortable for Deacon to put his foot in. Time will tell whether or not he’s sensitive to that. He’s not walking yet, so maybe we’ll get away with it.

You must use a heavy-duty needle as you sew through several layers, including suede, and I also used a heavier thread. I’d give this pattern only 2 stars.

So because I was afraid Deacon wouldn’t like the shoes, I made another pair from a less complicated bootie pattern.


I thought these would fit better as they go around the ankles and are secured with velcro. The pattern is from You can get the free pattern here. This pattern was much simpler and directions were clear, but they don’t look as nice, so only 4 stars.

Here is the whole ensemble:


It was so much fun that I made a second outfit with the same patterns:

And you probably would like to see Deacon wearing them. I packaged them up and mailed them to Ohio and unfortunately Lydia said the orange tee was a little too small. So… back to you, Lydia! Time to post pics of our little guy. Stay tuned!




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Pattern Review – Sew Over It-Nancy Dress


I absolutely love this pattern from Sew Over It. Lisa Comfort does an amazing job with her designs and the style suits me. This one, The Nancy Dress, is not difficult at all and I think a beginner sew can tackle it.

Unlike The Heather Dress, (see my review here), this dress has nothing tricky. The directions are clear and easy to follow.

Like all her patterns, Lisa offers them as paper patterns but can be downloaded as well. I prefer the download version as she is from London and I usually don’t want to wait nor pay for shipping. The downside of pdf patterns is that after you print out the pages, you must take time to line up the pages and tape them together before you cut them out.


Next, you place your pattern on the fabric of your choice and cut it out. I chose this amazing silky-rayon print from Joann Fabrics:


The finished result:



I love the keyhole back! I did have to readjust the hook and eye. It might be more secure with a snap.


Let me know if you try this pattern!



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Shell Jewelry

I find looking for shells on the beach a relaxing activity when I’m vacationing in Florida (which I did a few weeks ago to get a blast of sunshine and warmth in the middle of this winter that just won’t seem to end). But what do you do with shells?

I love making jewelry. Each shell is such a work of art. When I pick up a shell I am looking at its  wave-beaten shape; it’s color and patterning; it’s size and sparkle. DSC00236

I take them home and scrub them with soapy water and then let them soak in bleach water or an antibacterial solution. Then I let them air dry on a towel in the sunshine.

We got a little surprised by a hermit crab inside one of them!

Then it’s time to get out the dremel and make some holes!

I used a cork from a wine bottle that I split in half to pose as a base into which I could drill the holes. Drilling through shells is tricky – some that are more fragile will break easily and others, like oyster shells are really too tough to drill through. But with most shells you use a steady hand, a little water and light pressure.

I sprayed a few shells with a sparkly gloss to give them a finished look. And then came the fun part. Here is where I made them into earrings, necklaces, or a little ring holder:


I used a strong glue called E6000 to place mini shells on top of or inside of bigger shells. Another fun technique is to mix up resin to fill up a shell:


Follow directions for mixing – it’s rather messy! But you just pour it into your shell and let it set. I hid a crab-claw inside one of them that I made into a necklace:


Here are the other finished products:

Delicate earrings – so what if they don’t match?
Jacknife clamshell earrings
A ringholder for your rings when you have to knead dough!


This is the one I kept for myself. I gave the others away as gifts.

So fun! Enjoy!