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Orageuse Bruges Trousers Pattern Review


This is one of my latest projects – the Bruges Trousers by the French pattern company, Orageuse. I wanted a comfortable yet stylish pair of pants for work and so I chose this pattern. It has a front fly, which I hadn’t ever done on pants before, but I was ready for the challenge!

I chose a light brown corduroy that cost me next to nothing. I love shopping at our local thrift sewing store called Sew Green, a not-for-profit that takes unused and leftover fabric and other sewing notions and resells them. I got the corduroy as well as the peach corduroy that I used for the stripe on a day Sew Green had their bag sale (fit as much fabric as you can in your bag for $15!).

The pattern turned out to be more difficult than I bargained for, but I persevered and was very happy with the results. Here’s the lowdown on my experience:

The pattern has been translated into English. Between teeny tiny print that strained my 57 year old eyes, even with reading glasses, and strange terms, lost in translation, I almost gave up! This is what American sewists need to know before attempting this challenge: seam allowances are 1 cm! The instructions do say this, but somehow I missed this little note and ended up with pants that were too small so I had to pick them apart and start again! The other little thing that kept tripping me up was the use of the term “right sides facing”. I am used to American patterns which say “right sides together”. I kept asking myself, “Right sides facing? Facing what? Up? Down? Both the same way? Huh?” And what does this mean: “If your muslin is too thigh around your butt will have to add more ease.” Huh? My thighs aren’t around my butt! Okay – it’s a typo, but it’s a pretty hilarious typo.Jpeg

I found the pocket design unique but not impossible. The front fly was tricky, but the directions were pretty clear on that one. You definitely need to print the directions in color.

I consider myself an intermediate sewist. I would not recommend this pattern for beginners, nor advanced beginners. This was, in my opinion, not for the faint of heart. But I am so happy with the finished product! I really do love them!

The blouse I am wearing with my pants (ok – for all you Europeans – “trousers”), is the Simplicity K8169.SimplicityK8169



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