Gail's Nest

The Art of Ironing



I walked into my friend’s home and saw a familiar sight: shirts draped over a chair and an ironing board waiting nearby, I said to her, “Yay – a kindred spirit! A fellow ironer! We ironers are few and far between! It’s a lost art, isn’t it?” She agreed.

Really, it’s more like a curse. My mother ironed everything – even T-shirts and jeans! So naturally I couldn’t NOT iron. But when people stopped by and would catch me ironing they inevitably would say, “Why are you ironing?” Here’s my answer: I DON’T KNOW!! I’m sorry, but I just can’t seem to get to the dryer exactly when it finishes to get out the shirts. So my clothes come out a little wrinkly.  So I hang them up and put them in my ironing closet until I have a block of time to do about 20 shirts. It’s in my dna, I guess. I just like to the look and feel of a nice crisp shirt.

Would you like to know the steps to ironing? Here they are:

  1. Set up your ironing board and iron. Get the iron hot.DSC00493
  2. Put on a favorite TV show or netflix movie.DSC00494
  3. Use the wide part of the board to do men’s shirts. The narrower part is better for skirts and dresses.DSC00496
  4. Iron the right front, the back, the left front, and then give the collar a good pressing. I like to use Magic Sizing spray to give it a light stiffness.DSC00498
  5. Next press the shoulders and the yoke.DSC00500
  6. Next do the sleeves one at a time, folding them so the underarm seam is at the bottom and you can get a nice crisp pressing.DSC00499 - Copy

That’s it! How was the movie?



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