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Sewing for Baby – Pattern Review of

Being a new grandma gives me a great excuse to make baby clothes! I decided to try the free patterns on The first one was their pants:


You can find the pattern here. It was a very straightforward pants pattern. There is a video tutorial on their webpage and step by step directions. The pattern, of course, is one that you print on your computer and then have to tape together the pages. But being a small pair of pants, there weren’t many pages.


I’d give the pants’ pattern 5 stars for being very simple and easy to make as well as excellent directions. It’s versatile and can be used for different sizes.

Next, I made a T-shirt for my baby Deacon:


This too was a free pattern from You can get the pattern here.


This too went together quickly. Directions on their site are clear. Again, another 5 stars. It is tricky sewing with jersey fabric so I used a needle for jersey as well as a twin needle at the end for a nice finish on the hems.

I couldn’t stop there. I had to make matching booties:


Now these booties were difficult. They are made with suede soles to give them a little sturdiness. I used a free pattern from You can get the pattern and step by step tutorial here.

Now while it came out beautiful I have a couple of complaints- the directions on this pattern are not accurate. Step 5 tells you to put the pieces “wrong sides together” before you sew. This is incorrect. You should put the pieces “right sides together” so that you are sewing on the wrong side and can turn it inside out to iron. My other complaint is that the finished product has the seam on the inside of the shoe and because there are so many layers the seam could be uncomfortable for Deacon to put his foot in. Time will tell whether or not he’s sensitive to that. He’s not walking yet, so maybe we’ll get away with it.

You must use a heavy-duty needle as you sew through several layers, including suede, and I also used a heavier thread. I’d give this pattern only 2 stars.

So because I was afraid Deacon wouldn’t like the shoes, I made another pair from a less complicated bootie pattern.


I thought these would fit better as they go around the ankles and are secured with velcro. The pattern is from You can get the free pattern here. This pattern was much simpler and directions were clear, but they don’t look as nice, so only 4 stars.

Here is the whole ensemble:


It was so much fun that I made a second outfit with the same patterns:

And you probably would like to see Deacon wearing them. I packaged them up and mailed them to Ohio and unfortunately Lydia said the orange tee was a little too small. So… back to you, Lydia! Time to post pics of our little guy. Stay tuned!





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