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Pattern Review – Sew Over It- Heather Dress

I really enjoy Lisa Comfort’s Sew Over It Tutorials and blog. She designs and sells her own patterns. She is in London, so those of us in the US either have to wait a while to ship a paper pattern, or fabric (she sells beautiful fabric too) or you can download the patterns as a pdf. That is what I did and I’d like to tell you about my experience.


First of all, the downloads are printed out on your printer onto 8 x 11 sheets. That means, of course, that you have to tape the papers together before you cut out the pattern. This isn’t terrible just time consuming and rather tedious. Lisa makes it easy on us, though, by numbering the papers. You have to be careful to align the printed material correctly before you tape. BUT… make sure you measure the test square on the first page before you bother to print out the whole thing! The test square says it should be 10 cm x 10 cm. Measure it! If it doesn’t measure to a 10 cm x 10  cm then you must adjust your computer printer setting. Otherwise your pattern will be too small and your finished garment won’t fit!

Be sure to print out the directions for yourself too. Her directions are very clear and there are photographs to help you along as you construct your dress.

The Heather Dress is meant to be cut out of jersey fabric. Jersey fabric requires a foot that will help glide the fabric through the machine. But it’s very forgiving and doesn’t frey.

The style of the Heather Dress is simplistic yet so cute. It has these big front pockets that are darling but gave me fits! I consider myself a seasoned sewer, and thought the directions for this part were confusing. I’ve always said, “My seam ripper and I are best friends!” And yes, I made the mistake of sewing the front sides in backwards! No wonder the pockets didn’t fit. See my video clip on how the pocket fits:


The side fronts and the pockets were the most difficult part of this dress. I made a second dress and it went much more quickly! Overall the design is genius and I was pleased the result.

This was my first time to use a twin needle too. Follow your machine’s instructions for inserting the twin needle. It worked great with jersey fabric and gave it a professional finish.

Here are more pics:


Sew Over It Heather Dress
Sew Over It Heather Dress


Blessing!– Gail Felker



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