Lydia's Nest


We took some family pictures the other day, and I just have to say…This kid!

Watching This Is Us! Ugh this show. Its definitely a “feeling” show, but not in a cheap, cliche way. It fells very real, and relatable. I’m dying to know what is going to happen in the season finale, but at the same time I’m dreading it!

Reading not much at the moment, thanks to a certain playful baby 😉 but, I am exploring the Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook in preparation for when D is six months and is ready to start BLW. This book has been really helpful with knowing where and how to start – the first few chapters are full of tips and tricks, and then the rest of the book has recipes that are healthy, good for babies, and also tasty enough that the whole family will enjoy them. If you’re curious about BLW, it’s a great read!

Listening to this fun playlist that I made for Deacon. Lots of songs that get you moving!

Learning all I can about starting a vegetable garden. Now that we actually have yard space, I want to try gardening! My mom is a pro, so I’ve been asking her for advice on where to start. I’m thinking I’m just going to start small, with a few of the veggies we eat most, and see how it goes this year. If you have any tips for me, leave them in the comments!

Loving this weather we’re having! It’s supposed to be 70 today. Definitely the perfect weather for a walk. Deacon loves it too – he gets so excited when we go outside, and he’s been having a blast playing on a blanket in the yard.

Yay Sunshine!

Trying forward facing in the Ergo 360! Deacon is now old enough that it is safe for him to face outward, and he loves it. In fact, yesterday I put him inward facing while I did some stuff outside, and he got so mad because he wanted to see what was going on! He’s a curious, sociable one, thats for sure.

Planning a little family vacation. We’re going to celebrate Cory’s graduation with a few days away this summer, so I’ve been researching fun vacation spots with a baby. I’m thinking something relaxed, with lots of outdoor space, and that isn’t too far away. If you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

love, Lydia


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