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Deacon: Four Months


My growing boy

Hey guys, I thought it might be fun to do a post periodically about where Deacon is in his development. He is growing and changing so fast, I want to have a record of some of the things he has done! Also, this is a little more of an in depth Deacon fix for all of the family that lives out of state.

Selfie with mom!

Physical Development

Deacon is getting so big and strong! At his last Dr. appt., he weighed 15 lbs. He loves when we help him stand, and he likes to shift his weight around like he’s dancing (He is definitely his father’s child!). He has rolled over, both front-to-back, and back-to-front. The back-to-front is actually a funny story – When he rolled over the other way, I kind of knew it it was coming because he was pushing and leaning and working really hard before it happened. But for going from his back, it was totally out of the blue! I was drinking my coffee one morning, watching him play on the floor on his back, and he just flipped over! no fuss, no working for it, just casually rolled.

He also loves to grab at hanging toys, my hair, and Cory’s beard. Once he even grabbed Cory’s glasses off of his face and started to chew on them! I had a chuckle at that one. One thing I’m not too excited about is that Deacon has figured out how to arch his back and scoot himself backwards like an inchworm. I’m thrilled that he’s figuring out how to move, except that he keeps doing this in his crib and bonking his head on the bars!

Matching Lion King shirts

Social Development

Deacon looooooves people. He is definitely an extroverted baby. Everyone thinks he is a great, happy baby because when he is around people he is all smiles (for the record, he IS a great, happy baby, but boy can he throw a fit!). Sometimes I wonder if he gets bored just sitting at home all day with me.

He loves playing games like Peekaboo, Where’s Your Nose, and Airplane. He also loves being tickled, although he doesn’t seem to have very many ticklish spots. He enjoys watching us do whatever we’re doing, and he gets mad if we lay him down, because he wants to know what’s going on.

This face is the warning sign! Tears are coming!


I am still exclusively breast feeding Deacon. He is a good eater, and usually eats about every 2.5-3 hours. Now that he is four months old, we could start introducing cereals, but I haven’t decided if I want to do that yet. I’m really interested in Baby-led Weaning, which starts your child off on normal table foods (that have been cooked to an appropriate eatability), and lets them pick and choose how much and what to eat. It’s really intriguing to me, as it can help fend off pickiness later in life. BLW recommends, however, waiting until six months to start so that your child’s digestive system has a chance to finish developing. If you have used this method, I’d love to know your tips in the comments!

He’ll chew on anything


Deacon was doing a great job of sleeping at night. I would put him down at 8, “dreamfeed” him around 11, (which simply means nursing him without fully waking him up) Then he’d sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning, waking up once or twice for a quick snack. However, in the last week or so, we’ve been experiencing 4-month sleep regression. Deacon has been waking up every 2-3 hours, and taking much longer to fall back to sleep. I’ve been trying to teach him to put his paci in on his own to help him self-sooth, but he hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

During the day he has been learning to fall asleep on his own, which has been hard but seems to be working. There were a few days there where he would cry for an hour, only to fall asleep for twenty minutes (don’t worry, I would go in and soothe him every 5-10 minutes until he fell asleep). But he seems to be getting the hang of it. Today for both naps he fell asleep within 10 minutes of being put down, and didn’t cry at all.

There’s that WubbaNub!

What’s Next

Deacon is working on grasping objects and sitting up. Soon he will be on the move, I expect! Hopefully soon he will get back on track with his sleep schedule. In the meantime, I guess we will just have lots of middle-of-the-night snuggle sessions.

And because sleeping baby pictures are the best:



Have a great day!

Love, Lydia


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