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From a Maxi Dress to a Jumpsuit

The runways are all about jumpsuits now. They take a casual look and ramp it up to something appropriate for an evening out. Why not take a mediocre-looking maxi, either hanging in your closet, or do what I did and spend $1.80 for one at a thrift store, and turn it into a jumpsuit? Here is how I did it…


This is my “BEFORE” pic. I found it at a little thrift store in Skaneatlas, NY. It happened to be on sale… not bad… a sale at a thrift store! It cost $1.80. As you can see it is big on me.


The first thing I did was turn it inside out and put it on my dressform. Then I could take in at the side seams and the darts on the front and back so it would fit a little more snuggly.


Next, I marked a dot about 4 inches from my crotch and then cut it straight up from the hem to the dot.


Then it was simply a matter of sewing the pant legs together.


That’s it! Here are a couple of AFTER pics:



Sewing refashion maxi dress jumpsuit






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