Baby Shower Gift Idea

I am going to a baby shower today, and I thought I’d share with you the gift basket I put together for the new mama! When I had my shower, I definitely got a lot of stuff that wasn’t absolutely necessary (sooo many newborn onesies!) so I definitely want to get my new mama friends things that they will need and use. I would have loved to receive one of these baskets (I actually ended up making one for myself!) so I think it makes a great gift for a nursing mama.

The Breastfeeding Basket

This is a basket filled with all the things I found to be essential while breastfeeding in those early days (well, to be honest, I still use all of these things except for the lanolin!). I really think these items helped facilitate breastfeeding Deacon, and I was so glad for all of them. Here’s what I included:

  • Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths. I received several different types of burp cloths, and these are the ones I like the best and use the most. Very absorbent, and larger than your average burp cloth, so it catches more! (Also how funny is it that the label says they are good for car washing and waxing? So random!) 
  • A Water Bottle. Not just any water bottle, though. It has to be an insulated, one-handed one. My hormones were all over the map my first few days postpartum, and I would go from shivering to sweating quite suddenly. A water bottle that kept my water COLD was so nice. Breastfeeding makes you thirsty, and when you are holding a baby you certainly dont want to be fussing with opening a water bottle!
  • Nursing Pads. I actually use the disposable ones, but the mama registered for these so thats what I got her. And yes, nursing pads are pretty much indispensable unless you want to be a leaky mess and have milk stains all over your shirts. (Yes, breastmilk does leave a stain. Ask me how I know.) 
  • Pump-compatible Baby Bottle. I would only include this if it were super obvious from the registry that the mama-to-be was planning on pumping. Fortunately this mama was, and she registered for the same type of pump that I have. I have an over abundance of these bottles, and I barely use them – Deacon has only taken a different kind so far. So I included one out of my stash (complete with nipple/collar/cap – apparently they don’t come with those a lot of the time??) 
  • Snacks. Any type of easy, one-handed snack would be fine here. I went with fruit snacks because they are yummy and semi-healthy, and I wasn’t sure if mama had any food sensitivities. Other good options would be trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, or pretzels. 
  • Lanolin. This was so necessary for the first week or two. I used it religiously, and my nipples never chafed, cracked, or bled. Even though they have adjusted to breastfeeding, I still use it sometimes after pumping. 

So a recap, with links to where I got most of this stuff:

There are lots of other things you could add as well – a book or iTunes gift card would be nice, or if you really wanted to go all out you could also get them a Boppy. That’s a little more pricey, so it was out of the budget for me, but it would be a nice touch! 

Happy Saturday!



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