Lydia's Nest

Pregnancy Must-Haves


I’m not pregnant anymore, but I survived a whole nine months of it, and here’s what helped me do that:

  • Good maternity pants. I didn’t buy hardly any actual maternity tops, because a lot of my tees and flowy tops still fit. However, there was no way I was going to keep wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans. Those things got uncomfortable about a month in. I also made sure to stock up on maternity shorts, since the bulk of my pregnancy was during the summer. A lot of stores that have good jeans often have good maternity options as well. If possible though, try them on! I had no idea what size to get until I tried on a few pairs. For jeans, I ended up with something similar to these.
  • A big water bottle. Especially towards the end, I found myself drinking like a fish. I was so thankful that our new house came with a fridge that had a water/ice dispenser. Cold water whenever I wanted it! That plus a great water bottle for on the go helped me keep my water intake up. I love this one!
  • Comfy bras. My pre-pregnancy bras got uncomfortable around the start of the second trimester, but I just couldn’t justify going out and buying new $50 Victoria’s Secret ones. So I stocked up on some stretchy comfy bralettes, and they were amazing. (the ones I got were from the boutique I worked at, but these are similar).
  • Snacks. I didn’t have trouble with morning sickness (thank goodness!) but I did find that I would get hungry very often between meals. So I tried to keep healthy snacks on hand, like veggies, hummus and pita, Greek yogurt, apples and peanut butter, trail mix. Healthy, protein-rich munchies to get me through till the next meal.
  • An exercise ball/birth ball. I actually didn’t get this until midway through my third trimester, and prior to receiving it I would not have thought it that useful an item. But, a friend gave it to me, and I discovered the wonders of sitting on a ball. For whatever reason, the curve of the ball supports the spine and pelvis way better than a couch or chair. It’s magical. Especially since I had terrible posture at work (I sat on a stool most of the day…I don’t recommend it!) the birth ball was a life changer. It is also supposed to help labor progress, though that didn’t seem to work for me.
  • Ovia Pregnancy app. I downloaded several different pregnancy apps, and this was the one I ended up sticking with. I enjoyed the different articles and videos that tracked my baby’s progress, and it has some really useful features – a symptom lookup, a medication safety lookup, and a food safety lookup to check if things are safe during pregnancy.

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