An Introduction (Gail)


And I am Gail, a 54 year old wife, mama, homeschooler, teacher, blogger, and now Grammy! I am making the jump from my former blog, Regailing.blogspot.com which featured parenting tips and my hobby of sewing and refashioning to join forces with my beautiful number 3 child!

My background is a BA in education, a MA in counseling, and then 25 years of experience homeschooling our four amazing children. Since our youngest is now in college I have returned to the classroom, and now I teach middle school. I really loved my years as a stay-at-home mom, and highly recommend the sacrifices it takes to make that work. But there are many successful parents out there that have chosen otherwise… the important thing is to put your family before your work and other outside activities, and keep communication between all family members a top priority!

Lydia and I plan to share our creative endeavors, parenting ideas, and tips on making our homes places of refuge for our family. We hope you’ll join us for this journey!

Blessings!- Gail


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